I have my beautiful wife to thank for the opportunity to work in the industry I currently do. Without her faith and support I couldn’t do what I do. I’ve always loved photography, and being a bit of an extravert I get a lot of energy from other people.  The decision was simple – I made the change to professional photographer a few years ago now, and have never looked back.

I specialise in baby and wedding photography for good reasons – I love both.

I believe a persons wedding is the most important and defining event of anyone’s life. I love my wife and believe in the strength of the institution of marriage. Any wedding photographer can tell you that being at a wedding event is an incredibly vitalizing experience. How could I be unhappy having a job where I’m asked to take photos that show love?

My other great passion is baby photos. Again, I do it because I love it. I have four children – Eliza, Evelyn, TJ, and one in the foyer. My children give me so much joy, and it is a blessing that I can go into people’s houses, share that joy and give them a lasting token of that.