Baby Portraits

[dropcap]Beautiful portraiture lasts a lifetime and if a beautiful gift to your children.  A newborn’s first weeks are a time of rapid change and can never be lived again. I like to capture newborn portraits between six and eight days after birth. This is the perfect time, as they fill out a little, and the marks of delivery have faded.[/dropcap]

A Typical Session

The most unique point of difference that I offer is that I shoot all portraiture in your home. It’s where people are most comfortable and, with baby photos, it is where we’re best able to work to take the portraits you want. For example, baby needs a break? No worries.  Need to warm some milk? Forgot that special plushie you wanted included? Just grab it.  While shooting on location has it unique challenges, the reward is much greater – you and baby are more comfortable and relaxed.

On the day of your photo-shoot I’ll phone you in the morning to see if bubs is ready.  If you had a bad night or someone needs a little sleep in I’m happy to push the appointment back.  If Granddad can only be off work at a specific time, just let me know and we can work around that.

After I arrive there is about a 20 minute setup and then we start photographing.  Baby portrait sessions take as long as they need to be and we always try our hardest to keep baby happy, comfortable and content. After that your photos will be ready in 2-3 days.


The best time to book your portrait sessions is a soon as you’ve decided you’d like one. As newborn photography is very unpredictable with scheduling I limit the number of bookings to provide the maximum amount of flexibility. Book your session 6-8 days after your due date. If you’re due really soon or bubs has already arrived, please feel free to contact me to see if I have a time-slot available – babies rarely arrive on their due date so there are often vacancies. After you’ve booked I’ll send you information on how to prepare for your shoot.