Table Camera Hire

Digital Table Camera Hire

If you’re getting married, save money – hire digital table cameras. They’re:

  • cheaper than disposable cameras
  • environmentally friendly
  • better quality
  • able to shoot 700+ photos
  • able to record video (speeches, dances, etc…)
  • immediately available – no processing fees
  • cost effective – you don’t pay to process 2 photos on a roll of 24

Hire me as you’re photographer…

…and you’ll have the opportunity to hire the cameras at a discount rate.  Not only that, but when I develop your photos, I’ll process those from the tables in the same way so they all look the same.


Camera hire is fixed at $15.00/camera and must be hired as a set. The most you’ll pay is $150.00. There is no cost for download.  Hire me as your photographer and you’ll recieve a reduced rate!

How it works

It easy.  Call today and book the cameras for your wedding. Pick them up on the day (or the day before)  and return them when your done.  The following day I’ll have a DVD with all your photos and videos.

If you’re too busy, give me a call and I’ll drop them to you.